🔥The Best Dog Nail Clippers & Trimmers – 2020 (Review)

You love your pooch. After all, they are beloved creatures with whom we have the fortune to live and spend our lovely, happy days. As much as you love your pooch, taking care of your pet with respect to the overall health, hygiene, and other aspects is equally important. Dogs require special treatments –just like we do. One such treatment that cannot be undermined is concerned with nail trimming of your dog which turns out to be a vital hygiene practice. Nail trimming of your pet –while it might sound fancy, is not just some fancy treatment. It should be regarded as an important action that you need to execute from time to time.

In fact, overgrown nails of your beloved pet could lead to increased pain & discomfort while affecting the overall life of your dog adversely. If you happen to be a pet parent, ensuring the best-ever care for your beloved pet should be your topmost priority. As taking care of the paws of your pet is an essential component of the pet’s health, check out all that you need to know about clipping the nails of your dog and why you should do it!


Why is Nail Clipping Important?

Most of the pet owners out there have the conception that pet grooming is concerned with just bathing and combing the fur. However, nail trimming is yet another integral part of the entire pet grooming process.

The presence of excessively long or untrimmed nails could make it highly uncomfortable and painful for the pooches to lead a normal life on a daily basis. It would make it difficult for the dogs to follow the normal day-to-day routine like walking, running, jumping, and so more.

At the same time, in severe cases, it might even lead to the development of major nail complications in the long run. This is the reason why it is crucial to include nail trimming as a part of the pet grooming session from time to time.

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There is no denying the fact that dogs who are used to walking on softer surfaces or grounds (like the forest or park) could have a hard time adjusting their feet to the hard surfaces of your home –mostly stone or marble flooring. In addition to the ground upon which your pooch takes a walk, here are some important considerations with respect to nail trimming:

  • Feeding habits
  • Genetic predisposition
  • The overall active nature of your dog
  • The specific dog breed

When the nails of your pooch get too long, there are several complications on its way. Postural defects are yet another possible results that might be caused due to your pet shifting weight with the presence of long, uncut nails. The worst-case scenario due to the given negligence could be permanent lameness or even serious injuries.

As soon as the nail of your dog would outgrow themselves to start touching the ground while growing past the paw of the dog, it is high time that you should consider making use of a good-quality nail clipper or trimmer to trim the nails properly.

Important Features to Consider in a Nail Clipper

As a dog owner, you must be aware that the paws of your beloved pooch are quite delicate with soft fur and spongy pads. Based on the type of dog breed you have, you should ensure proper care of the dog’s health and hygiene.

While taking care of the dog’s nail trimming sessions, it is imperative for you to be in possession of the right tools for the best outcomes. As you want the best for your pet, it is important for you to bring home the right nail trimmer or clipper that not only provides great comfort to your pooch, but also helps in delivering the desired results.

When you are out on a nail trimmer or clipper shopping spree, here are some of the important factors that you should consider:

  • Safety of the Gadget: When you are buying a nail trimmer of high quality, the nail guard is the first feature out there that you would like to look out for. At the same time, the blade is also an important factor. However, the presence of the nail guard helps in delivering the assurance that the dog’s nail goes through the safer clipping session.
  • Size of the Trimmers: Different nail clippers are available in different sizes for facilitating the process of effective nail cutting of your mutt. In most cases, people consider going for the option of a conveniently-sized nail trimmer such that the nails of even a puppy could get trimmed easily. However, this is not the right manner. This is because in large-sized clippers, the bladed are usually thicker and harder. As such, they might end up damaging the nails of your dog. For the best part, the scissor-style nail trimmer is regarded as the best option such that you can use the same for both large breeds as well as pups.
  • Comfort Level: It is not a comfortable approach to hold the clipper in one hand, and your dog’s paws in the other. At the same time, it is not even a secure approach. The ultimate aim of the nail trimmer should be to deliver the overall comfort of trimming your dog’s nails. In addition to your comfort, the dog should feel comfortable and carefree as well. As such, you should look out for trimmers that have ergonomically-designed handled for ensuring a better grip on the same.
  • Type of Clippers: You can come across a wide range of nail trimmers for your pooch. Depending on the dog breed you have, you can go for the selection of the right type of nail clipper. Some of the common variations are scissor style, pliers, guillotine…
  • Performance of the Clipper: Out of all the parameters, the functionality or performance scale of the clipper is an important consideration. You should check out for the opening as well as closing aspects of the clippers.

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Considerably, you should go for selecting the clipper that is capable of cutting the pet’s nails a good number of times without re-sharpening the same from time to time. It is important to understand using the nail trimmers with a dull blade is only going to hurt your pooch unnecessarily. Therefore, you should go for buying a high-quality nail trimmer with impressive performance assurance.

Anatomy of the Nail of a Dog

Before you set out to trim the dog’s nails, it is advisable that you should examine the nail anatomy of your pooch. You can start over with examining the paw and nails in-depth to get an overall idea of how to execute the nail-trimming process. With a better understanding of the nail anatomy, it becomes convenient for you to trim the dog’s nails in an effortless manner. Moreover, it also makes the overall experience for your dog as convenient and comforting as possible.

Typically, a dog’s nail is known to feature an outer shell that is quite hard at its surface. On the inner part of the nail’s shell, the region is referred to as the “cuticle.” It is regarded as the center of the nail, and is known to feature a web of blood vessels and nerves. The cuticle also goes by the name as “quick” of the nail. In case the quick or cuticle of the nail is cut, the nail will start bleeding –leading to pain and discomfort for your pooch.

Dogs have light-colored nails are known to feature cuticles that are easily visible. However, many dogs out there tend to have dark-colored or black nails. As such, it becomes impossible to observe the cuticle or the quick of the nail. As recommended by the experts, you should aim at trimming at around 2-3 millimeters from the quick of the nail.

How to Clip the Dog’s Nails?

Here, we aim at explaining to you the step-by-step instructions of trimming your dog’s nail like a pro.

#Step 1: Preparing the Equipment

You should set out with all the equipment right before sitting down to trim the nails of your pooch. This is because in the middle of the nail trimming session, your pooch might get impatient and would like to free oneself. As such, if you sit down unequipped, it is only going to create problems in the long run. Here are some of the nail trimming essentials for your pet:

  • High-quality dog nail clippers or trimmers
  • Scissors
  • Flashlight –for nails of dark color or texture
  • Paw balsam (optional)

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When you are ready with everything, it is important to make your dog feel comfortable. In case you have a nervous pet, be ready with some exciting treats to help him or her through the process. This will provide your pet a sense of security and comfort.

#Step 2: Defining the Cutting Range

When you are examining the dog’s nails and paws, it is imperative for you to be cautious while determining the cutting range. As the cuticle layer of the nails is supplied with nerves & blood vessels, a single wrong step while nail trimming could lead to immense pain and discomfort for your beloved pet. You can easily determine the same when your dog has nails of a lighter tone.

For the dogs having a darker shade, you can use a flashlight to check the same. It is recommended that if you are not able to determine the cutting range effectively, you should aim at cutting the nails parallel to the bottom of the paw.

#Step 3: Trimming the Nails

When you are assured with the right cutting edge, you can allow your dog to sit in a relaxed position. Now that you have the right nail trimmer at your side, you can use the same to trim your pooch’s nails effectively. It is important to ensure that your pet is relaxed and comfortable throughout the session.

#Step 4: Rewarding Your Pet

Once the session is over, do not forget to reward your dog with a special treat for the patience. Moreover, this process also helps your dog to indulge in the regular nail trimming session more confidently and conveniently during the next session.


FAQ about dog nail trimming

Should I buy a nail clipper?

Yes. For the best results, you should invest in a high-quality nail clipper or trimmer and learn to do the procedure yourself. It’s very easy and the process can become an excellent quality time spent with your dog. Also, it will save on the long run a lot of money in vets!

Where to buy a nail clipper?

You can look for both online as well as offline pet stores, even though we’ve reviewed a lot of different tools for you. Check out the best nail trimmers on Amazon.

How do pet nail clippers work?

Designed specifically for the anatomy of pet’s paws and nails, these advanced nail clippers cut nails effectively and safely. They are strong and sharp, to tackle even the worst case of bad nails, and have safety measures to avoid hurting the dog.

How often should I use a dog nail clipper?

The experts recommend that you should check your pet nails every two weeks, and trim them if needed to maintain its optimal length.

Are nail clippers safe for dogs?

Yes. They are highly safe in comparison to scissors and other cutting tools. Specialised tools offer security measures that avoid hurting your dog, and they are very easy to use.

Are dog clippers better than grinders?

Dog clippers are designed especially for dogs and therefore, deliver the safest results. They are don’t make any noise (as compared to grinders), so if your dog is afraid of sounds or a bit nervous, you better check out the best nail trimmers on Amazon.